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Situated on a sprawling 104-acre mesa in the geographic center of San Diego, Mesa College is one of the largest community colleges in California, and ranks as San Diego's top transfer institution. Propositions S & N-funded projects for Mesa include seven new academic and career training facilities, four major renovations, nine infrastructure projects, parking facilities, and public safety enhancements. The design and construction will follow the Mesa College Facilities Master Plan, revised in 2012 to finalize construction phasing through December 2015.


Allied Health BuildingProposition SCompleted
Campus Facilities Support AreasProposition SDesign
Campus Site Design & Environmental ReviewProposition SCompleted
Center for Business and TechnologyProposition NScheduled
Cogeneration FacilityProposition SCompleted
East Campus Improvement ProjectProposition SCompleted
Exercise Science CenterProposition SConstruction
Fine Arts & Dramatic Arts RenovationProposition NScheduled
Humanities, Languages & Multicultural StudiesProposition SCompleted
I-300 Building RenovationProposition NScheduled
Infrastructure - Fire/Utilities/OtherProposition NConstruction
LRC Language LabsProposition NCompleted
Math+Science ComplexProposition NCompleted
Mesa College Design CenterProposition NCompleted
Mesa CommonsProposition NConstruction
Modular VillageProposition NCompleted
Muir Property AcquisitionProposition SCompleted
Renovate Visual Arts ProgramProposition SCompleted
Social Behavioral ScienceProposition SCompleted
Student Services CenterProposition SCompleted
Temporary Parking/All-Weather Track/Stadium RestroomsProposition NCompleted